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METALURGIA TS plus Ltd. was established in 1995 and builds on the rich tradition of industrial machinery and metallurgy from the former Heavy Industry Enterprises in Dubnica nad Váhom. The company initially focused on trading in raw metallurgic products and during its 20 years of existence has transformed into a business with independent CNC production facilities for mechanical treatment. Our sales team has longstanding experience in materials technology within the energy, metallurgy, mining, cement or paper industries as well as railway transport.

METALURGIA TS plus Ltd. evolved from a purely trade-oriented company into production-trade oriented enterprise. Today, we offer metallurgic raw products like forged bars, molded forgings, drop forgings, rolled-steel bars from carbon and middle-alloyed steel and castings from casted metal together with welded constructions with heat treatments and mechanically surfaced according to customer specifications.

Our long-term experience in serving every customer need leads us to continuously invest into company’s growth and development. As the market changes, so do the requirements of our customers and our focus today is to deliver value-added products as well as products based solely on customized specifications – mechanically surfaced to the highest precision, with coatings or other desired surface treatments. Our sales team builds on long lasting experience with carbon and middle-alloyed steel. We are fully prepared to offer technically and technologically suitable solutions with the aim of fully satisfying customer demands.

Our vision is to be a reliable supplier of materials and technologically-demanding heavy industry products, fully mechanically surfaced to the highest precision.

Ing. Milan Duhár
Founder and CEO